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Line-of Credit Loan 


What is a Line-of-Credit loan?

A Line-of-Credit loan is a signature loan.  Once approved, members may request an advance against their LOC loan at any time in increments of $100, up to their approved credit limit.  These advances do not require credit committee approval so there is no waiting for your loan.

Why should I get a Line-of-Credit loan? 

  • Fast and Easy – A faster and easier way to borrow money from the credit union. It’s just as fast and just as easy as a share withdrawal. Members may request advances against their approved Line-of-Credit loan by completing a cash advance form. We will cut the check immediately or deposit the funds into your account at the credit union. If you prefer, you can cut your own check through the Touch Tone Teller service. It doesn’t get any faster or easier than that.

  • Overdraft Protection at NO CHARGE – The LOC loan can be used as overdraft protection for your checking account. This service is FREE! There is no charge to use the overdraft protection and this can prevent return checks and NSF charges.

  • Low Rate and Easy Payments – This loan has the same low rate as our signature loan at 13%. The payments can be deducted directly from your payroll check.

  • ATM / TTT access – 24 hours day, 7 days a week you can have access to your LOC funds. Members can use the TTT to transfer money from their LOC loan to their savings account. This money can be withdrawn at an ATM machine. The money can also be transferred to your checking account. This will allow the money to access their LOC funds by writing a check. This gives the member unlimited access to their LOC money.

  • NO MORE WAITING – Once your LOC loan has been approved, you do not have to complete a loan application or credit application. No more waiting for the credit committee to approve your loan. You do not have to wait for a check to be mailed. Funds can be transferred to your checking account and you can write a check or transfer the funds to your savings account and withdraw with your ATM card.

 Contact our Loan Department for further details.