Auto Loans

A loan that puts you in the driver’s seat

You have come to expect greatness when it comes to the products and services we offer, and vehicle loans are no different. We make it easy for you to drive away in the vehicle of your dreams. The vehicle you want is within reach with our low rates and flexible terms. Whether you're purchasing a car for the first time or you are a seasoned professional we can help.

Where do I start?

One of the most critical steps in buying a new or used vehicle is getting pre-approved before you go shopping. Getting pre-approved ensures a same-as-cash buying experience and takes some of the stress out of the experience.

Once your loan is approved it is time to find the best deal on a vehicle. To help with your new or used vehicle search, take advantage of our Car Shopping service. It's one of the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to find the vehicle you're looking for. When you use our car-buying service, you gain access to the program's search capabilities, manufacturer incentives and/or rebates, and you'll get upfront pricing information from our preferred dealers that provide savings and a hassle-free buying experience.

Why finance with United Energy?

Whether it is new or used that you are looking for, we are ready to help you find the vehicle of your dreams. A UECU loan officer will be glad to walk you through this process. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Great rates — same rates for new/used vehicles

  • No payment for up to 60 days for qualified members

  • Flexible terms up to 78 month

  • Convenient online loan application

  • Easy repayment options, payroll deductions and automatic transfers

  • Up to 115% financing for qualified members

  • DocuSign  — electronically sign your loan documents from any device

  • Payment protection insurance available

  • No prepayment penalties

  • Skip-a-payment available in November

  • GAP Insurance



Shop Smart:Get Pre-approved for your auto loan…Before going to the dealership

When it's time for a new/used car, do you go straight to the dealership? If you do, you can look forward to a full day of paperwork, finance disclosures, credit reviews . . . and lots of stress and waiting. Before you go car shopping, make time to get pre-approved at the credit union. In addition to helping you secure the best interest rate possible, pre-approval gives you leverage at the dealership and peace of mind about your purchase. With your pre-approval certificate in hand, you are transformed into a “cash buyer,” which puts you in a much stronger negotiating position.

Pre-approval equips you with proof of your financial ability to gain a loan before you start shopping. A benefit of getting your loan pre-approved at the credit union is that you can get your financing approved before you shop so that when you go to the dealership you can concentrate on getting the best deal on the vehicle.    

Getting pre-approved for an auto loan gives you more freedom and time to check out different dealerships. By not being dependent on a dealership for financing, you can comfortably check out multiple dealerships if you want.

Treat You Right

Purchasing a car ought to be an exciting, comfortable experience, especially when you’re the one spending your money. But working out the financing in an unfamiliar office with an unknown salesperson can feel detached and impersonal — even intimidating. All of which make buying a car seem more like a long, tiring chore. And who needs that?  

Instead, reach out to UECU where our loan officers will take you through the process with care and respect. As your financial institution, we want to help you find the vehicle of your dreams without putting a strain on your budget.   

Know Your Limits - Avoid “Buyer’s Remorse”

Determine what monthly payment you are comfortable with before you start shopping. Don’t let the dealership talk you into a vehicle that puts a squeeze on your budget. We want to help you avoid “buyer’s remorse” by taking care of the financing before you step into the dealership. And because it’s not our job to convince you to buy the most expensive car you can afford, our loan officers are a great resource to help you understand your budgetary limits.

So in the end when you enter the dealership with pre-approval in-hand, you’ll have a new level of confidence and full knowledge of the loan terms and interest rate you should expect. You’ll be able to quickly tell if a dealer’s offer is a truly fair and affordable one. If not, your pre-approval lets you visit other dealerships until you find the right deal for you.

Car-Buying Made Easier

Not that long ago, if you wanted to buy a car you either wandered from dealership to dealership, or you looked for ads in your local paper, or you did both. While you can still do that, the Internet gives you a lot more options, in particular, UECU has list of preferred dealers. You can shop multiple dealerships without ever leaving the comfort of home.   

Dealer financing is convenient, but if you haven’t shopped around, a dealership finance manager might try to take advantage of that and mark up your interest rate. Or they may offer you a low interest rate but markup the price of the vehicle. As you can tell, there are multiple reasons for getting pre-approved prior to car shopping. Let’s recap the benefits.

  • Saves time and simplifies the buying process

  • Validates your credit and locks in your interest rate

  • Reduces the stress of the car buying experience

  • Streamlines the dealership experience

  • Boosts your confidence and negotiating position

  • Gives you flexibly to car shop anywhere you want

  • Pre-approval with UECU takes place in a familiar, friendly environment


What You Need To Know

When you’re in need of cash, you might be tempted by late-night commercials offering quick cash with only your car as collateral. These loans are most commonly known as car title loans, but go by many names — pink-slip loan, title pledge, or title pawn.

Your vehicle is put up as collateral so these loans are very low-risk for lending institutions. Your vehicle is almost always worth much more than the amount of money loaned. For this reason, many companies will take advantage of people who need cash quickly. This type of loan is anything but low-risk for you. Failing to make your payments could result in the lender taking control of your vehicle.

Unlike other low-risk loans, interest rates on car title loans don’t accurately reflect their risk. While some are capped at 30 percent per year, others can be significantly higher — as high as 300 percent. Some lenders also charge additional fees on top of the interest.

It is also not unusual to see 30-day terms for these loans. Unfortunately, a month is often not enough time for most borrowers to position themselves financially. So, these loans are often rolled into another term with more interest. The longer the loan is outstanding, the more borrowers spend on high interest for these loans. This cycle can be difficult to escape and can ultimately cost borrowers their vehicles—even after paying large amounts on the loan.

UECU has an Alternative

When you need short-term cash, consider whether the risks of car title loans are worth it or not. Take time to explore other options that could cost you less and don’t involve the same risks. UECU will allow you to use your title as collateral but we offer terms and rates that are the same as our regular vehicle loans. Don’t get caught off guard by Title Loan/Payday Lenders. Instead bring the loan to the credit union and let us help you.   

  • Rates as low as 1.99% APR* — Model year up to 5 years old

  • Rates as low as 6.74% APR* — Model year 6 years and up

  • 100% NADA Clean Retail Value (Maximum Loan Amount)

  • Clear Title and Proof of Current Registration and Insurance Must Be Provided for the Qualifying Vehicle