Manage My Account

One of the great benefits of being a United Energy Credit Union member is free Online Banking, eStatements, Mobile Banking, and Bill Pay. Together, they make keeping track of your financial life simple and worry free. Manage your account from the convenience of your home or even when you are on the go. You can bank on your own schedule – all you need is an internet connection. These services allow you to control and manage your money anywhere, 24/7. 

Online Banking (eBranch)

A great way to manage your account. Enjoy quick and easy access to your account. Check your balance, view check images, put a stop payment on a check, change your address, view statements, and monitor account activity from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It’s the secure, fast and simple way to move money between your accounts at UECU. You can also transfer your loan payment when it is due or setup a recurring payment to transfer at a scheduled time. We’ve got you covered with features that simplify your life. Skip the lines and avoid being put on hold — you can now manage your account from your computer or smart device at your convenience.   

You can setup electronic alerts to be notified of various account activities. These activities include high/low balances, when a check has cleared, when a payment is due or when a deposit is posted. You can also setup electronic notifications to receive important messages regarding NSF, delinquency, overdraft transfer, and maturing certificates.  

It is easy to get started. Enroll Today

Mobile Banking (TouchBanking) 

Most people are busy and on the go these days. It is not always convenient to stop by the credit union or call during business hours. Now United Energy Credit Union’s closest branch is at your fingertips —24/7! Our mobile app lets you do almost everything you can do on eBranch but on your mobile device. It’s easy, convenient, safe and free. Mobile Banking requires that you are enrolled in our eBranch service first. Once enrolled you can type on your phone browser. The TouchBanking app will pop up at the top of your phone. Just click on the link to download to your device. You will need to enter unitedenergy as the App Code. You will use the same login/password information that you have setup for eBranch.  

You can also download our mobile app “TouchBanking” from any Apple® or Android® phone or tablet at the App Store or Google Play. Don’t forget that you will need our App code unitedenergy


What is  Mobiliti/TouchBanking?

Mobiliti/TouchBanking is a mobile banking and payments application you can use to access your account information quickly and easily from your iPhone or Android. You can use Mobiliti/TouchBanking to:

  • Check your account balances

  • Review recent account activity

  • Transfer money between accounts

  • Pay bills and companies

  • Change and cancel pending payments

  • Find branch locations

  • Make a credit card payment

  • Get a credit card balance

  • Advance money from your line of credit

How do I download and activate Mobiliti/TouchBanking on my smartphone?

United Energy Credit Union is using TouchBanking for their mobile banking solution, you can download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play. You must be registered for eBranch, our online banking site. You will need your online banking user name and password to log into Mobiliti/TouchBanking once downloaded. The App Code is unitedenergy.  

Is Mobiliti/TouchBanking secure?

To ensure the safety and privacy of your account information, we incorporate multiple security features in Mobiliti/TouchBanking:

  • All transactions are encrypted

  • You must authenticate every interaction with Mobiliti/TouchBanking

  • No personal or financial information is stored on your phone.

Can I use Mobiliti/TouchBanking on my tablet?

Mobiliti/TouchBanking is currently available for smartphones only.   You can still use the app on the tablet but it may not always be formatted correctly.

I keep getting errors when I attempt to log into Mobiliti/TouchBanking. What should I do?

Currently you are not able to change your password on the app so if you are having problems when you attempt to log in use your internet browser and go to Log into eBranch and reset your password. Make sure you have your security questions/answers set up in eBranch. If you are still having problems, refresh or reinstall the app:

For Android devices:

  1. On your device, open Settings > Apps. (The menu name might be different depending on your device.)

  2. From the list of applications, tap TouchBanking.

  3. Tap Clear Data to remove all registration information.

  4. Run TouchBanking and re-register your application.

  5. Use App Code unitedenergy

 For iPhone devices:

  1. On your device, uninstall Mobiliti/TouchBanking.

  2. Re-download TouchBanking from the App Store.

  3. Run TouchBanking and re-register your application.

  4. App code unitedenergy.

Bill Pay

With a checking account from Union Energy and our online billing and payment service, you can receive, view, and pay your online bills from one personalized, secure website. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Save time and money — No checks. No stamps. No hassle. 

  • Guaranteed on-time payments.   We will bear the responsibility for any late payment related charges (up to $50) should a payment arrive after its due date, as long as you scheduled the transaction in accordance with the service’s terms and conditions.

  • You schedule when you want the payments to be made which allows you to gain greater control over your bill management process.

  • You can schedule single or recurring payments.

  • You can view, pay, and track your bills from one, central place. All of your monthly bill information - right at your fingertips!

  • Track expenses with 84 months of transaction history all in one place.

  • Receive your bill statements online, instead of through the mail. Your bills can be sent directly to your e-mail address or appear on your Bill Pay page once you login. 

  • You can see the amount you owe, the due date, view the bill detail, and pay the bill. Each month you'll receive a reminder e-mail to login and review each new bill.

If you are enrolled in eBranch, you already have access to this convenient service. Just click on the Bill Pay link within eBranch to get started. If you have any problems or questions, you can call 877.287.7658 between the hours of 6 a.m. and midnight 7 days per week.   


eStatements not only keep it simple, they also keep it secure. By electing to receive eStatements, you protect yourself from identity theft and help the environment all at the same time. Too much paper in your life? We understand. eStatements are delivered to you within eBranch so you no longer have to worry about waiting on your paper statement. Here are a few other benefits:   

  • Free — eStatements don’t cost a thing; once enrolled in eBranch you can view up to 9 months of financial history

  • Secure — eStatements are encrypted to protect your information

  • Fast — you no longer have to wait for your statement to be mailed to you. Your statement is available in eBranch shortly after the 1st of each month.

  • Protects — eStatements don’t leave a paper trail (so your information won’t end up in the trash, vulnerable to theft)

  • Environmentally friendly — eStatements cut back on paper and waste 

  • Convenient — Keep all your financial documents in one place: securely and safely online

You can also receive IRS forms. Get electronic delivery of your 1099-INT and 1098 statements.