Auto Exam Inspection

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Are you looking to buy a used vehicle? A pre-purchase used car inspection can help protect you, the consumer, from unscrupulous dealers and individuals selling vehicles with: Frame Damage, Body Damage, Interior Damage, Paint Work, Mechanical Problems, Electrical Problems, Lack of Maintenance, Leaks, and many other problems and issues Auto Exam technicians see every day.

Auto Exam will send a mobile unit (Houston Area Only) and an ASE Certified technician to perform a complete bumper-to-bumper inspection before you buy. The mobile units are equipped with all the diagnostic tools needed to perform the inspection. The technician will give you a written, unbiased report based on the condition of the vehicle. 

They can also give you a written appraisal of the current market value of the vehicle. With this inspection, you know the condition of the vehicle before you buy. Auto Exam allows the consumer to make a more educated purchase. Using this service should be one of the steps you take before buying a used car, truck or van. After the inspection you can be confident in buying a car or even glad you didn’t buy it.

Auto Exam is Houston’s oldest and largest pre-purchase inspection company. Auto Exam has been protecting consumers and credit union members in Houston since 1992. Call Auto Exam before you get stuck with a bad used car! Visit or call 800.709.5792 for more information.