Rate Rewards

Do you wish that you qualified for a lower interest rate? Maybe you had to borrow money at a time when your credit score took a temporary dip which prevented you from getting the optimal rate on your recent loan. Or maybe you have gone through a season of financial difficulty that has affected your credit score adversely. We recognize that, from time to time, most of us experience some difficulties with money. For this reason we have setup a Rate Reward program which rewards members a lower interest rate on their current loans if their score improves.       

Our mission is to help you achieve financial success by providing a variety of resources to help manage your finances. Rewarding members with a lower interest rate encourages and rewards positive payment history. With Rate Rewards, you'll enjoy a lower interest rate on your loan for the remainder of the term. This is just one of the perks for being a loyal member of United Energy Credit Union.

  1. You must have 12 months of good payments history on the loan with UECU

  2. You must contact the credit union to request a new credit report 

  3. The credit union will verify that your credit score has improved since last report

  4. You will receive an offer of 1% over our current posted rate for your new score

  5. Your payment will not be changed — only the interest rate will be updated

  6. The term of the loan will be shortened — more money will be posted to principle

  7. You may only obtain one interest rate reduction during life of loan