Share / CD Secure Loans

Secured Loan

Do you need some quick cash but want to leave your savings intact? We have Share/CD Secured loans that can help you do just that. With a secured loan, you can get a lower interest rate because you borrow money that you already have in your account. The money in your Share/CD account is pledged toward your loan and will be put on hold. The funds will be released as each payment is made. In the meantime, the money in your Share/CD Account will continue to earn interest.

We get it. Life happens.

And sometimes that means that your credit score might need a little help. We want to help you get on the road to financial success and a secured loan is one of the best ways to build credit. This type of loan is perfect for members just beginning a credit history or repairing a credit history. Secured loans do not require good credit for approval. They do require that you have enough income to make payments. The amount you borrow is held in a bank account while you make payments. Your on-time payments are reported to the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Because credit scores are calculated from information in your credit reports, those on-time payments can have a big impact.  

  • Borrow up to 100% of what’s on deposit in your account

  • No annual fees or pre-payment penalties

  • Great low rates – 3% plus dividend rate

  • Flexible terms

  • Keep earning interest on your Savings/CD account funds

We want our service to be as personal as our loans. So call or come in to the branch and we'll discuss which loan is best for your situation. We can help you through the application process or you can easily apply online.