Signature / Personal Loans

A loan for every one of life’s adventures

Sometimes you need a way to get cash fast. Are you looking for a signature/personal loan that you can use for just about anything? You could pay for school tuition, unexpected medical expenses, consolidate several loans into one manageable payment or even take the vacation of a lifetime. Our loans have low rates and better terms than many financial institutions dare to offer.

If you need cash, you need it fast. You may not want to withdraw funds from savings or put a purchase on a credit card at a higher annual percentage rate. But don’t make the mistake of going to a Payday lender to borrow quick cash. It may seem like a good idea but this type of loan is incredibly expensive and typically has a very unrealistic payback period. Our signature/personal loans can be a much better choice.

When it comes to your finances, flexibility is the key. That’s why United Energy is your source for loans. We have as many ways to lend as you have to spend. When you’re looking for a simple and quick loan, not much beats a signature/personal loan.   




A United Energy revolving Line of Credit gives you the flexibility to cover emergencies or pay for unexpected expenses as they happen, such as home and car repairs, or medical expenses. Life can be complicated and sometimes costly. But unexpected expenses do not have to be stressful. Have peace of mind knowing that you have funds available to you anytime you need them.  

A Line of Credit (LOC) loan is a powerful way to manage your money. When you have unexpected expenses that arise you will have money already available. Once you are approved, you can make an advance to yourself anytime up to your approved LOC limit. You will not have to wait for the credit union because the loan has already been approved.

Accessing funds is easy and will be available when you need it. You can even use your LOC loan as overdraft protection on your checking account. You can access available funds through eBranch, Touch Tone Teller, by writing a check, or simply making a purchase with your UECU debit card. Plus, your borrowing power replenishes as you make loan payments.

Start enjoying the benefits of a Line of Credit loan today:

  • eBranch and Debit card access 24/7

  • Overdraft protection available with no service charge

  • Low interest rate – as low as 8.00% APR*

  • Revolving credit - access the funds again and again

  • You only pay interest on the amount you borrow

  • Borrow anytime up to your pre-approved limit

  • No collateral needed